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SMTP Limit

300 Mails per hour per domain

PHP Execution

Max upto 120 Seconds

PHP Memory Limit

Max 128MB

Database Size

Max 2GB Per Database

Spike Traffic


Bulk Emailing


Illegal Content


Child Abuse/Pornography


Check our fair usage policy for more details

Hardware Features

Extraordinary Hardware

Our hardware and configurations are designed in a manner, that you can hardly undergo any technical glitch. With such high configuration servers which you can hardly find with any other service providers, you will never face any issues. Our server's Robust Performance will increase the speed of your server.

Incredible Speed & Up-time

We understand the importance of your business & website. For which our Server architecture has been designed to give you maximum speed always. Our data centers are evenly distributed in a manner to provide you the maximum up-time.

Storage & Performance

We give you options to choose between Performance or Storage. If you want performance as the priority, then choose our plan based on SSD Storage device and for storage choose SATA as devices.

Security Features

Malware & DDos Protection

We have developed a surveillance system that constantly monitors and scans any suspicious activity and blocks any viruses that can be harmful & poses threat to your websites. So be rest assure at least from Malware protection. DDoS protection monitors incoming traffic to your website by the means of using algorithms and advanced software. Any traffic that isn't authentic is denied access, whereas authorized traffic continues to filter through to the site. It acts as a guard against attacks to some extent.

Free SSL Certificate & CDN Enabled

With our every domain purchase we provide a Free SSL certificate with CDN enabled which guards and maintains the safety and protection of your website information from hackers and data identity thefts. With these your sensitive data are always encrypted in the process of data transferring, and only the end-user will be able to access this data. A trusted SSL certificate undergoes several identity-checking before installing it on your website.

Also, you can choose to opt, to activate CDN services from Cloudflare by simply activating it in cPanel dashboard accounts against each domain.

Application Features

cPanel Control Panel

cPanel helps you to control your account with multiple options like adding multiple domains and sub-domains, checking and updating IP's, emails, disk space, bandwidth, and multiple other features which you can explore. You can add and utilize one cPanel account by adding and managing many domains in it.

300+ One Click App Install

We understand your need to build a site. Therefore, with us it's just a simple process. We offer 300+ free applications that can be installed and set up with a just a click of a button. We have multiple applications available in our cPanel account like Softaculous, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla etc, which you can select & make a beautiful site.

Host Unconditional Websites

You can choose your required numbers of cPanel accounts. Under each cPanel accounts you can add multiple domains & sub-domains. Now make optimum use of your plans.

Free Migration

Whenever you feel to migrate your domains from any other service providers to our servers, we are always there for you. Just contact our customer support team and relax, your work will be done. Our expert team will migrate your domains with lightning speed. Our expertise in migrating sites & emails are done effectively that you will hardly undergo any downtime.

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

There is always a thin line of Confidence between the Company and Customers. In Future18, we strongly believe and work, on our customer's satisfaction and to build confidence of our customers on us. We also understand that such satisfaction and confidence come only by experience. Therefore, in order to gain such satisfaction and confidence of our services & supports, you will have to experience our services. We assure you that we will never let you down & will always try to build up your faith on us. In any event if you face any issues regarding our service and support we offer you 30 days Money Back Guarantee. We believe that you will never face such event. Give us a chance.

Earn Smile Services

365 days Customer Support

If any help is related to your services (Technical or Non-Technical) Our customer support is always available for you. You can contact us through phone, chat, or email.

Personal Account Manager

We will never leave you alone. Once you sign up for the services, you'll be assigned a personal Account Manager to handle your account and help you out with complex situations.

Customer Satisfaction

There is a famous quote saying "Customer does not buy products, but they buy solutions". We also believe the same way. Our motive is not only to solve customer issues but to provide satisfaction and we always strive for this.

2000+ Happy Customers from around the globe

FAQ related to Reseller Hosting


Privacy Protected

We understand your privacy and we fully respect it. We strongly believe in protecting privacy of each of our stakeholders. Therefore, we do not use any analytic tools or ad based tools such as Google Analytics, Facebook Ad Pixel or any other third party applications which are widely used to track your cookies, visitors or interest based experiments during your visit on our site or even while navigating on our site pages. We have our own analytical tools, which remains under constant supervision & is monitored by Future18 only. We keep such data for our personal monitoring purpose to analyze the traffic, visitor's pattern of purchase etc. Also we adhere & follow the privacy protection laws, as stated under the government.

Your data remains safe & secure with us, and we do not share or sell your data to any other third party companies like web development agencies, business development groups or any of such kind. Your each visit to our website is safe, secure and 100% Privacy Protected.

For more information you can visit our PRIVACY POLICY.